Born:September, 14, 1976
Offseason:270 lbs.
Contest:225 lbs.
Resides: St. Louis, MO
Status: Married and father to Cassie, Sabrina and Trenton
Contest Hitory:
   1996 Teen Missouri-1st Place(Overall)
   1998 Mr.Missouri-1st Place(Overall)
   1998 Tournament of Champions-            1stPlace (Overall)
   2001 Caveman-1st Place(Overall)
   2005 Mr. Missouri-1st Place(Overall)
   2005 North American-1st Place
   2005 Nationals-3rd Place
   2006 USA's-8th Place
   2006 North American-8th Place
   2007 USA's-7th Place
   2007 National's-11th Place
   2008 North Americans-10th Place
   2009 USA's-12th Place

Mark is preparing on competing in 2013.  Look out for the next show Mark will compete in.
To contact Mark for guest appearances, sponsorship, photo shoots, or general training and nutrition  contact Mark